Why Cruz shouldn’t be president

280x280-3ed886249550221c17d5bbb411bb55a2Not because of citizenship. Birtherism is a Republican shtick — specifically, Donald Trump shtick — and I’m not buying into it. Most legal scholars say questions about whether Cruz is a “natural born citizen” are frivolous.

And not because he’s conservative; I don’t agree with his ideology, but that doesn’t disqualify him from the presidency.

This is why:

“Because of his calculating intelligence, Cruz could just as easily be a conventional establishment Republican—as he was in his work on President George W. Bush’s campaign and for his administration—instead of the Tea Party firebrand we see today. That’s why he is scary — because he who stands for nothing only stands for himself. The malleability is apparent in his ever-changing or non-existent policy positions — notably, how he opposed the National Security Agency’s warrantless spying until he voted for the Patriot Act. How over the course of a few months, he went from declaring his support for granting Obama “fast-track” trade authority to suddenly opposing the secrecy of an always-secret deal. Just this week in Iowa, Cruz decided that ethanol was a really good thing, disavowing his previous calls to end ethanol subsidies. Political office even changed Cruz’s tone on his former ‘dear friend’ Chief Justice John Roberts. In 2005 Cruz wrote publicly in support of Roberts and heralded the judge as a ‘role model’ for his staff in the Texas Solicitor’s General Office; in 2015 Cruz called for his resignation from the Supreme Court.” [Emphasis added.]

In short, he’s a Machiavellian monster, guided only by lust for power; a ruthless opportunist; friendless, unprincipled, and untrustworthy. This is different from open-minded leadership that keeps options open and adapts to changing circumstances. If the American people choose Ted Cruz as their leader, they’ll have no idea what kind of leader they’re getting, or what he’ll do with the power entrusted to him. This has happened before in history, and the results are never pretty.

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