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What a Republican thinks of the Sandy Hook victims

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Why Cruz shouldn’t be president

Not because of citizenship. Birtherism is a Republican shtick — specifically, Donald Trump shtick — and I’m not buying into it. Most legal scholars say questions about whether Cruz is a “natural born citizen” are frivolous. And not because he’s conservative; I don[...]

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Jeb Bush Sinks Deeper

Jeb Bush Is Now The Least-Liked GOP Candidate[...]

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Happy Elvis Day in Spokane

(Spokesman Review)  (excerpted)Spokane’s own Ben Klein, one of the world’s foremost Elvis tribute artists, gets immersed into Elvisin a soft drawl and affecting the requisite lip curl. “Thenkya vurry much.” Three  years ago  Klein’s Elvis Presley Enterprises-sponsored bus tour wit[...]

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Islamic Political Correctness


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Racist cop beats Native Hawaiian for praying over seal

This story of police abuse is so outrageous it makes your blood boil. On Sept. 10, 2014, Jamie Kalani Rice, 41, a native Hawaiian, sat down on a beach near a monk seal he thought was sick and began performing a traditional healing ritual that consisted of rubbing sand on himself. Yes, there are sign[...]