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Ted Cruz’s college classmates don’t think much of him

As a Princeton student, Ted Cruz excelled on the competitive debating team. But he creeped people out, and former classmates have used words like “abrasive,” “intense,” “strident,” “crank,” and “arrogant” to describe him. His freshman roommate, Craig Mazin, says, [...]

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Sarah Palin Goes Hunting with friends

(TANEWS: Cockameini, AL) Ambassador Palin invited President Putin to hunt with her friends fir their Annual Christman Hunt. A grizzly showed up but Sarah scared it off with a swipe of her high heel![...]

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Group Health Cooperative agrees to be acquired by Kaiser Permanente

Group Health Cooperative, a Seattle institution since 1947, soon will be no more. GHC announced this morning in an e-mail to members that it has agreed to be acquired by Kaiser Permanente, a California-based nonprofit. However, the deal is subject to member and regulatory approval, and Washington In[...]

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Kasich ad: Trump is a Nazi?


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Librarian “What is the OED?”

I actually got this question when I asked where I could access the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language! What has happened to literacy?[...]

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The Jews WERE here!

Despite the Torah, until now there has been little physical archaeological evidence for the Kingdom founded by David.   Now, Eilat Mazar, director of excavations at the City of David’s site in the old city of Jerusalem, has found the seal —  a “bulla” — from a Judea[...]

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TRUMP offers to buy Jerusalem, run it as a business

  Trump refuses to rule out dividing Jerusalem Republican Jews boo Trump for refusal to call Jerusalem Israel’s undivided capital, stereotyping Jews as controlling politicians with money. ISRAELNATIONALNEWS.COM Meanwhile (CNN) Donald Trump is once again alone at the top of the Republican[...]

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David Brewster: Boston Theaters Threatened

David Brewster Theaters are going dark in Boston and Mayor Marty Walsh, who campaigned as an arts mayor, is administering platitudes, not solutions. The story is a warning about how when politicians advocate the arts, they are usually just wanting votes and donations but don’t want to stand up[...]