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Three Jews.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Banchi Avraham, Danny Ayanou, and Liraz Madhani are three young Jewish Israeli Ethiopians who volunteered at the Museum this summer. Moment Magazine sat down with the group to learn about their lives in Israel and their experiences at the Museum. Read more:htt[...]

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Breaking News: Oh Canada

Justin Trudeau, Liberals Win Majority In Canadian Federal Election So after drill baby drill gave Canada a splurge of money, the reality of the world market and one market economies the economy tanked and Canada turned to a …democratic socialist!, AND he is a heart throb!   [...]

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Video maker admits controversial Planned Parenthood pics are fake

Republicans are out to destroy Planned Parenthood even though abortions are only 2% of the services it provides, and millions of mostly rural, mostly poor women depend on the organization for health screenings and other vital health services. As part of their concerted attack against Planned Parenth[...]

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Jeb Bush Tries To Explain Why His Brother Isn’t To Blame For 9/11, But Hillary Is For Benghazi

“Does anybody actually blame my brother for the attacks on 9/11? If they do, they’re totally marginalized in our society.”[...]

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A Zionist Answer to War, in Honor of My Daughter’s Namesake

Before out first child was born, my wife and I chose “Haviva” to name our daughter after an amazing heroine .. Haviva Reik a Palestinian Jew. Haviva  Reik was one of three Palestinian Jewish women who went on a suicide mission behind the Nazi lines.  Using their language skills to [...]

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Greens Warn against Dangerous Dildos

REUTERS der Spiegel: And you thought it would only make you go blind. Germany’s Green Party is worried about the health risks of sex toys. Dildos and vibrators contain dangerously high levels of phthalates and other plasticizers, which can cause infertility and hormone imbalances, they claim. [...]

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Chinazor Onianwah  “Science journal says whites and Asians have 7 to 10 % Neanderthal gene in their DNA. Africans are 100% human (homo sapiens) I swear I didn’t make it up, Stephen Schwartz.”  From FACEBOOK[...]

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Climate change cheat sheet

How to win arguments with climate deniers. Courtesy of Mother Jones magazine. (Click here.)  [...]

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Letter to Kshama Sawant: “This is not what I joined Socialist Alternative for.”

Seattle city council member, Kshama Sawant is the most prominent socialist in the United States. That’s why what she does and what her group, Socialist Alternative does, matters for the entire socialist movement. We carry below an open letter from a member of Socialist Alternative. The letter c[...]

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CHARLIE JAMES: An Open Letter to Larry Gossett.

   CHARLIE JAMES For over 40 years we have been in this city together working on issue relevant to people of color. My goal and objectives have always leaned heavily toward the Black community and i have accepted your insistence on a larger collaborative effort with third world people. But over th[...]