Huckabee endorses slavery (really, no kidding!)

mike-huckabeeMike Huckabee, GOP presidential candidate and erstwhile Baptist preacher, has made it clear he would replace the Constitution with an Old Testament-based theocracy if voters are crazy enough to elect him. Last month, he garnered some attention by conspicuously supporting rogue Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who was briefly jailed for contempt of court after defying a federal court order to issue same-sex marriage licenses. On that and other occasions, Huckabee has suggested that obeying Supreme Court decisions is optional. Now, he’s weighing in on the 13th Amendment, i.e., he thinks criminals and poor people who can’t pay their debts should be sold into slavery because the Old Testament says so. It appears this guy wants to roll back 4,000 years of social progress and make us all live in the 20th century B.C. Read the story here.

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