Nicknaming Seattle

Over at Crosscut they are going through yet another peri0dic effort find a nickname for Seattle. 

When we came here the nickname was Queen City.  The burghers decided that was too gay.  So they had a context and came up with The Emerald City.  Gakhhh …. seems like a joke where  our natural color is the dark green of the evergreens and the pearl gray of a misty day.

There was once the idea to call us Jet City, until Boeing moved ot Chicago where the new President kep this mistress.

Seriously, why do we have to a nickname?  What is the nickname for San Francisco (San Fran?) Los Angeles (LA)  Vancouver (Vancouver) San Diego (San Diego)???

Some of the names twirling around include Latteland and Rain Town.

Personally, I think we should see if we could sell then naming rights the way we sell the naming rights to the football stadiums.   Imagine WaMu Town!  Or maybe Apple and Microsoft might get into a bidding war for naming rights?

Why not SEATTLE?


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