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Shariff Mordechai Hazan Dr. Ben Carson & Senator Ted Cruz could be a good combination for the Republican Party.[...]

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Former Virginia cop indicted for controversial 2013 shooting

The 2013 shooting of John Geer by a Fairfax County, Virginia, police officer has provoked demonstrations and allegations of a police cover-up. Geer and his girlfriend had been arguing. He was throwing her belongings onto the lawn when she called the police. Soon, 4 cops arrived and began talking to [...]

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HP CEO Whitman Signs On With Chris Christie’s Presidential Campaign

Gov. Chris Christie’s  campaign lists HP chait Meg Whitman as co-chair of his national finance team.  Carly Fiorina, a former HP CEO is running for president herself but it seems she did not leavce good roots at HP after nearly bankrupting the legendary tech firm. Whitman is a longtime[...]

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Mystery Video


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Some states act against speed traps

More states are cracking down on small towns using speed traps to raise money for their town or police budgets. These laws typically impose caps on how much municipalities can keep from traffic fines, with any fine revenues over a specified percentage of the town’s total budget going to the s[...]

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Summer Sports


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The Ultimate Pizza

Louis XIII Pizza Price: $12,000Restaurant: Chef Renato Viola, Italy Ingredient: lobster, caviar, eight types of cheese, pink Australian river salt Pizza, one of the humblest of foods, is already undeniably great in its simplicity. The “Louis XIII”, however, is a pie topped with lobster, [...]

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Sunday Revelations: Jay Leno Explores the Birth of Jesus

Gentle sarcasm about religion and hypocrisy.[...]

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