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UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS: The half million dollar race for a $120,000 job

UPDATE:  A source close to Sawant’s campaign has bragged to me that she has already raised over $400,000 BEFORE the primary is complete.   The irony of this is that her campaign is also bemoaning the voters’ decision to go to district rather than city wide elections DESPITE her deci[...]

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Balmer’s Blunder Costs Microsoft $7.6 Billion!

Job cuts, write-off tag Microsoft’s Nokia purchase as $7.6B mistake So … howsit that Balmer ends up a wealthy man after making a $7,600,000,000 mistake?[...]

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 70 th Anniversary of Atomic Bombing Japan’s government has still failed to sign on to an international nuclear disarmament effort as the country marks the 70th anniversary Friday of the atomic bombing of his city. Two years ago, Mayor Tomihisa Taue said Japan’s inaction “betrayed[...]

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Commercializing Growth of Marine Penises

Geoduck species of clam hauled from bottom of ocean off BC coast by divers. British Columbia is industrializing the growth of the geoduck. The giant clam has long been a subject of penis jokes until the last two decades when geoduck became  a delicacy sold for $80 a pound in some restaurants in Asi[...]

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DearDJI Dealers & Customers, DJI Phantom 2 series Firmware v3.04 has been released.Please upgrade your main controller Firmware to v3.04 using the Assistant  v3.0.Click here to download the latest version of assistant. Overview: 1. Main controller firmware updated to: v3.04. Major New features:[...]