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Defending Peace

They’re putting the band back together. The same people who brought you the disastrous war in Iraq now want to provoke another Middle East war — this time with Iran. President Obama’s historic deal with Iran will make our world safer by blocking every potential path Iran has to a n[...]

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Texas Traffic Sign


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Get PAID to vote in the Seattle Primary!

GET A CHEAP DRINK BY VOTING IN A DISTRICT 3 BAR! If you’re a registered voter, you should have gotten yours in the mail already. Why vote alone when you can join in TRU’s two-night Voting Extravaganza?? Bring yourself & your ballot, schmooze with the candidates, enjoy drink specials, and[...]

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Replace Andrew Jackson, a man of many unattractive qualities and a poor president, on the twenty dollar bill.

Ben Bernanke’s Blog:  DUMP JACKSON OFF OF THE  $20 Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, would qualify as among the greatest of our founders for his contributions to achieving American independence and creating the Constitution alone. In addition to those accomplishments, however, H[...]

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North Charleston, South Carolina: “Neighborhood Watch. You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake””

MEETING HELD TO PROTEST KKK IN NORTH CHARLESTON, SC. Less than a month after the massacre of nine Blacks people by a Confederacy worshiping white man in Charleston and the murder by cop of a Black automobile drive in their town, the KKK is back in this South Carolina neighborhood. The Ku Klux Klan [...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who WAS This?

 A. Steve Urkel   B. Jaleel White  C. Star of Family Matters  D. voice of  Sonic the Hedgehog E. Myrtle Urkel.[...]

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Republican Fraud Mongers Attack Planned Parenthood

Edward Alan Clark The Center for Medical Progress is despicable. In its wicked attempt to defame and entrap Planned Parenthood, it has divided my extended family. This New York Times Editorial sets the record straight. Their final summary is right on: ‘The Center for Medical Progress video cam[...]

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Median Rental Rate in San Fran $4,225

  Is this  a result of rent control?[...]

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Endorsements for City Council

Erica C. Barnett, poltical reporter You still have about two weeks to fill out your ballots, slap a stamp on ’em, and drop them in the mailbox! Here’s how I voted, if anyone’s curious: King County Elections director: Zack Hudgins Port Commission Position 2: Courtney Gregoire Port C[...]