CHINA’s Imperialism

Putin and ChinaChina won’t accept Hague sovereignty arbitration: FM
07-14 16:38
China will refuse to recognize the conclusion of the arbitration requested by the Philippines over the two countries’ maritime sovereignty dispute, a spokesperson said on Tuesday, after an international tribunal heard the matter at Hague.
China voices opposition to Philippines’ move on South China Sea arbitration

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    China is aggressively seeking control over the entire South China Sea, through which two-thirds of the world’s maritime trade passes, which is intolerable not only to neighboring countries but also to the United States and entire world. This is unlikely to be resolved through diplomacy. It won’t necessarily lead to war, but the U.S. clearly has to beef up its military deterrence in the region. And American consumers ought to stop buying stuff from China, because they’re using our money to build weapons to threaten us with.