FACEBOOK: The black helicopters invade my cpap machine

UPDATE:  Revel’s post may be a hoax or a joke.  One of her friends justposted on FB that she was making a joke.  The comments thread suggest the joke was taken seriously.


“JESUS RFID f****** Christ! ” said I when I learned the CPAP (sleep aid) machine has a smart card that monitors your breaths for FEDERAL MEDICARE. If you don’t use the machine 70% of nights slept in a 30 day period – THEY WILL SEND BIG BROTHER AND A FAT BILL TO YOUR HOME. Capitalism meets totalitarianism. The Nutso End Times Fundies were right. Where is my house of foil? 

Last week the AAUP released a position letter in support of what it called a democratized UW.  I responded by poiniing out that n terms of faculty dmeocracy,, "pricate schools like the Ivies, Cal Tech, Stanford do a lot bettter job of avoiding corporate influenmce than srtate run schools like our own.



Let me alleviate your concerns.

First, a CPAP machine is NOT a sleep aid.  IT IS a life saving device for a condition called “sleep apnea.”  Patients like myself who need CPAP can  literally die because we stop breathing while asleep.  It also prevents early death from heart disease.

Second, the card you refer to is used to record my breathing during the night.  This assures that the machine is set properly by allowing your or my provider to see how well we are  doing.

Third, under HIPAA law this sort of clinical data is protected and can not be shared with YOUR INSURER without your permission.  It would be illegal to sharr it with anyone, including the Federal Govt, without your authorization.

If you find the data is being shared, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  I will help you file a report.

I hope you feel better.

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