Michelle uses private donations to renovate White House dining room; then rightwingers complain she’s “wasting taxpayer money”

ap706311290251Honestly, some people have a reading comprehension problem and too much time on their hands.

First the news story:

“The White House State Dining Room has received a slight makeover, courtesy of First Lady Michelle Obama. … The updated look … cost $590,000, the Associated Press reports. The sum was paid by the White House Endowment Trust, a private fund ran by the White House Historical Association to maintain the portions of the White House that are open to the public.”

Now the comments (use link above and scroll down):

18 Trillion in debt, and Michelle feels the urgent need to blow over half a million taxpayer dollars on needlessly redecorating a dining room.  Pretty sickening.”

How many upgrades and make overs do the rooms in the White House need? Seems like most first ladies have done this, and some of the interiors that were changed by some of them had only recently been refurbished by their immediate predecessors. I find it hard to believe that drapes in a state dining room, where smoking isn’t permitted and where guests supposedly aren’t throwing their dinner plates and wine glasses at the walls, need to be replaced much at all. Sorry, being ‘bored’ by the color doesn’t count. And yikes, half a million dollars of taxpayer money for this? Was the work contracted by the military, you know, the folks who once spent several thousand dollars for a toilet seat? If this is the ‘people’s house’, maybe we should have a say on related spending.”
Of course, you and I know what’s going on here. Some people just like to snipe at the President and First Lady because their guy and gal didn’t win. And they have too much time on their hands.



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