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BREAKING — Seattle buys Athens

In other M&A news, Greece has agreed to sell Athens to Seattle for an undisclosed sum and Greek banks will reopen as soon as the deal closes, confidential sources who did not want attribution disclosed to “The Ave’s” undercover reporter Friday afternoon. (Julian said he’s[...]

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Pac-Man Games: Aetna eats Humana

First big insurance buyout. In the health insurance industry, where scale is everything, the Supreme Court’s ruling last week removing a cloud over the future of Obamacare is having the expected effect of unleashing a spate of mergers and acquisitions among insurers. The first megadeal —[...]

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Guess who’s defending Trump?

Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks about Mexicans have provoked an uproar across the country. Neither Univision nor NBC will broadcast his Miss Universe beauty pageant, Mexico won’t send a contestant, and both co-hosts have quit. Macy’s also has severed its business ties with him. [...]

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This school and park aren’t named for a Confederate politician

They’re named for an 18-year-old black kid from Chicago who died a century after the Civil War.      [...]

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The American Taliban

This video clip is from a TV show, but sometimes fiction speaks more clearly than journalism.[...]

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Seattle’s tribute to the Confederacy

 reposted from the Flawless Logic Blog The Jefferson Davis Highway HIGHWAY 99 WAS THE MAJOR  West Coast road, running from the border of Mexico to that of Canada when I was a kid growing up in southern California. When Interstate 5 was built, it paralleled the path of Highway 99 all the way, repla[...]

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ASU study finds mass shooting and school massacres are contagious

“A new study by researchers at Arizona State University finds “significant evidence” that mass killings and school shootings can be contagious,” CBS News reports. The study, modeled on previous research finding some suicides may be contagious, “examined databases on sho[...]

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California cops turn anti-lynching law upside down

This legislation can only be viewed as a rebuke of California’s police bullies.  Until yesterday, the California penal code applied the term “lynching” to the crime of trying to seize someone from police custody.  Now, the legislature and governor have removed that term from the [...]

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Slur of the Day: T words from the British Isles

Tan (Ireland) a British person, a derogatory term for British people, derived from the Black and Tans, the nickname for an auxiliary British Army unit deployed to Ireland in the 1920s and which gained a reputation for brutality. Taffy or Taff (UK) a Welsh person. First used ca. 17th century. From th[...]

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Is Lindsay Graham the class act of the GOP’s 2016 field?

South Carolina has its shtick(s), but in some ways the Palmetto State isn’t all that bad; it’s virtually the only state that regularly prosecutes killer cops, its legislature is actually talking about taking down the Confederate flag on the capitol grounds, and it sent Lindsay Graham to [...]