Supreme Court rules gay marriage is a constitutional right

Roger-Rabbit-icon1It has taken the Supreme Court 150 years to figure out that “equal” means “equal,” and discrimination isn’t equality. What took them so long? But better late than never.

The theocrats and states’ righters are pissing and moaning about it. They don’t like this. Tough. The 14th Amendment was written to protect us from them. It doesn’t always do the job, but today it did.

Don’t miscontrue my comments. I’m not gay; I have a hetero marriage (which is not the least ¬†threatened by today’s SCOTUS ruling). Giving gays the same rights the rest of us have doesn’t scare me. What does frighten me is narrow-minded, rigid-thinking, intolerant bigots butting into our private lives, peering into our bedrooms, and trying to tell us how we must live.

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