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The surrender

                        (Reposted from Southern Poverty Law Center)[...]

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Jindal: “Get rid of Supreme Court!”

“The Supreme Court is completely out of control, making laws on their own, and has become a public opinion poll instead of a judicial body. If we want to save some money, let’s just get rid of the court,” GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal tweeted, obviously disappointed by today[...]

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When Conservatives Try to Squirm Out of Their Guilt

This is a recent post on Facebook by a conservative named Steve Yeger and his friend Rob Schick. This is, of course, meant as a somewhat silly effort to tie today’s Dem Party to the horrors of racism. “Margaret Sanger..founder of planned > baby murdering<..parenthood….respo[...]

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Words for the ages

“They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.” — Justice Anthony Kennedy But some less articulate and wise partisans are beside themselves. For example, GOP presidential candidate and erstwhile Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee: “Th[...]

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The presidential candidate who can’t shoot straight (pun intended)

“Once again the Bush appointed Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has let us down. Jeb pushed him hard! Remember!” That’s what Donald Trump tweeted after the Supreme Court issued its gay marriage decision. A little problem: Roberts voted with the dissenting minority in this case. I[...]

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The evolving institution of marriage in pictures


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What defeated GOP senators do after politics

They sell diet pills, of course. Click here for story. Photo: Ex-Sen. Scott Brown (r.) as a hunk (l.) … of flesh? whale blubber?[...]

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Why Obama is a Great President

Conservatives do not get it. Obama is a great president because, like Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, TR and FDR, Barack Obama has presided over  a great change, a redefinition of the US. The easiest way I can explain this is by relating an idea I have about Michael Gorbachev.  Like Obama, Michael G[...]

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Cop fired for Confederate selfie

Despite its racist image, South Carolina is emerging as the toughest state in the country on misbehaving cops. It’s virtually the only state that’s prosecuting killer cops (with the exception of Baltimore’s recently-elected black district attorney). A few days ago, after last week&[...]

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The assault rifle he didn’t have …

… But it wasn’t the law that kept him from getting it. CNN reports that Dylann Roof, the accused Charleston church shooter who reportedly has confessed, had AR-15 magazines and accessories in his possession during a police search of his car in March 2015, and told the cops he didn’[...]