Why Obama is a Great President

OBamacareConservatives do not get it. Obama is a great president because, like Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, TR and FDR, Barack Obama has presided over  a great change, a redefinition of the US.

The easiest way I can explain this is by relating an idea I have about Michael Gorbachev.  Like Obama, Michael Gorbachev came to power after a series of Soviet rulers had pursued a failing path .. in his case the path of totalitarian imperialism.  Why, facing economic distress did Gorbachev not choose the traditional path of a dictator .. making war or threatening war?

Not knowing the answer, I have made none up. One night Gorby had a dream about WW III. In the dream there were projectiles flying acorss Russia. There were Chevies, Toyotas, others were Chinese, German, and Korean. These were cars and none were form Russia. He realized that the enxt war would be fought with commerce rather than blood.

The New America, under Obama, has taken the path that Gorbachev tried to lay out for Russia.  We win.

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