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Memories of the Middle Passage

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims are stuck in conditions like these on boats in South-East Asian waters[...]

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From Powerline, Right Wing Site: Within the last 48 hours, the Obama administration dodged two huge bullets. First, Congressional Republicans passed the trade promotion authority act, paving the way for passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership, which the administration has been negotiating for years[...]

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Republican Morality Wedding News

    This is Bristol Palin, who doesn’t have a real job or much education. Or a husband. She does, however, have a child and another one on the way. And famous parents.                   She planned to marry Dakota Meyer, a famous self-prom[...]

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Renowned pregnancy prevention advocate is pregnant again

Bristol Palin, who is not married, and is employed as a teen pregnancy prevention spokesperson, announced today she is pregnant with her second child. She is the daughter of Republican politician and “family values” advocate Sarah Palin. Photo: The Wasilla, Alaska, post office reportedly[...]

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How the right spins a hate crime


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Black church torched in Charlotte

An arson fire heavily damaged a small black church in Charlotte, SC, early yesterday morning. Two firefighters were injured battling the blaze. A local TV station reported that, “Investigators said there was no indication the fire was racially motivated,” but there’s also no indica[...]

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Spanish-language broadcaster to Trump: You’re fired!

Univision, the U.S.’s largest Spanish-language broadcaster, has terminated its business relationships — including its Miss USA telecast — with Donald Trump because of his disparaging remarks about Mexicans in his presidential candidate announcement speech. Trump said,  “Th[...]

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It just got easier for nutcases to slaughter people in Wisconsin

“After signing two bills that loosen Wisconsin’s gun laws, Gov. Scott Walker defended the timing of his public event Wednesday, saying it had been scheduled before nine people were shot and killed last week in a South Carolina church. With his signature, the all-but-certain Republican presi[...]

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THE Ave Challenge


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Rightwing squatter charged with murder

A squatter who took over a cabin in Okanogan County after getting run out of Snohomish County now faces a murder charge. The accused is a notorious rightwing lunatic. “A man in custody in Okanogan County for allegedly running over a Seattle-area couple with a pickup, killing a woman, has deep tie[...]