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This is Bristol Palin, who doesn’t have a real job or much education. Or a husband. She does, however, have a child and another one on the way. And famous parents.











She planned to marry Dakota Meyer, a famous self-promoting war hero with big political ambitions who works in construction.










There was possibly one little potential snag in those plans, though. He was already married to this woman.













This marriage license and certificate say so.
















However, the Daily Caller, a reputable pillar of conservative investigative journalism, says Meyer divorced the first wife he kept secret in 2010. The Palin family abruptly announced on May 18, just hours after reports of Meyer’s “secret wife” surfaced, that Bristol’s planned wedding to Meyer on May 23 was called off without explanation.

Hey, if the Daily Caller says Meyer is divorced, that’s good enough for me, even though I can’t find confirmation of it on the internet. I would never question the accuracy of the Daily Caller’s reportage. (Well, almost never, or at least not every day, and probably not in this instance.)

So if Bristol’s fiance isn’t a bigamist then something else must have spooked her. Maybe it was Meyer’s suicide attempt with a friend’s unloaded Glock pistol, or his PTSD, or the fact his first wife described her marriage to him as “a big mistake” and “nightmare.” It must have been something pretty important, because Meyer’s been telling friends he wants to be President of the United States, and a First Lady gig doesn’t come along every day for a high school graduate with no job skills from Wasilla, Alaska.

However this shakes out, stay tuned, because Hillbilly Wedding News is Fun! Fun! Fun!


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