Selling useless junk to idiots

Businesses thrive by selling useless junk to idiots.

It’s not how much you make, but your spending habits, that determines whether you’re flush or broke …

“Even as national retailers pull Confederate flags from shelves and websites after the shooting deaths of nine black church members in Charleston, South Carolina, manufacturers that produce the divisive symbol said that sales were surging. On Tuesday afternoon, five of the six items on’s ‘movers and shakers’ list in the Patio, Home and Garden category were Confederate flags. Sales of the most popular flag in the category had risen 8,800 percent in the last 24 hours.”

(Quoted from CBS News; italics added.)

The same damn thing happened after Obama was elected in 2008: Rightwing mobs rushed to gun stores and spent thousands on firearms because they thought the new president would shut off gun sales when he took office. (Some of them also expected a civil war and hoarded ammo and survival gear, too.)

So what’ll they do with all those Confederate flags, guns, and crates of ammo? Stash ’em in the garage or basement in case they’re needed someday, of course. You know, if the South rises again, or Chinese paratroopers drop into their backyard, like in “Red Dawn.” Or Hillary wins the White House. Until then, they’ll gather dust, a pile of wasted money.

Rich guys don’t hoard Confederate flags, guns, or ammo. They hoard stocks, bonds, master limited partnerships, and rental properties. Who needs a Confederate flag if you have a yacht?

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