A Sawant Supporter Makes His Case: COMMENTS WELCOME


NOTE Brett Hamil, the talking head in this well done piece lives outside of District 3 .. in the  Beacon Hill neighborhood. 

he hates Mayor Murray and demonizes Sawant’s oponents,especially Pam Banks, because apparentrly she can pick up a phone and call the Mayor?

he thinks Kshama raising about $60,000 dollars from outside Seattle (about half of her contributions, are form outside of Seattle ..mostly outside teh state) is OK but Pam accepting contributions from individuals who work for restaurants or other businesses in her District is immoral?  NOTE: Sawant has contributions from the same sort of people .. Microsoft, Amazon, Law firms????

he celebrates Sawant for refusing to go to dinner wiht the Chanbe rof Coommerve because the dinner was an overnite at a hotel!

and of course he castigates Banks for being supported by unions HE does not like, apparently the Teamsters are moral and the police are not.

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  1. Moneybabs #

    Brett Hamil is the biggest piece of dog shit I’ve ever met. He’s a liar and a cheat. No honor. I can’t wait to shit on his grave.