Scott Walker’s arena scheme stinks so bad even the Kochs oppose it

“The NBA is threatening to move the Milwaukee Bucks franchise if the arena isn’t built by 2017.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is trying to cut $300 million from the state’s public colleges and spend $250 million on a basketball arena in Milwaukee. Even college-hating conservatives exulting over the layoffs of liberal professors aren’t buying the arena deal. Even the Koch brothers’ political mouthpiece, Americans for Prosperity, has come out against it. And Walker is too busy running for president to devote much time to trying to sell his arena scheme. Maybe he should ask the players to pay for it. They can afford it. (Click here for story.)

b99477503z.1_20150408115333_000_gbial5ch.2-1Image: Artist’s rendering of Scott Walker’s (doomed?) basketball palace

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