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Is Cruz a Mental Case?

GOP Favorite Cruz Seriously May Have Mental Issues Relentless exploitation machine Ted Cruz is the subject of public scorn after he made a joke about Joe Biden after his son Beau’s death. “Vice President Joe Biden. You know the nice thing? You don’t need a punchline,” Cruz said during a GOP&[...]

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Jewish Race Horse Wins Triple Crown!

WHO WOULDA THUNK? American Pharoah, horse racing’s 12th Triple Crown winner, is owned by Ahmed Zayat, an Egyptian-born Orthodox Jew who made his money in beverages and now devotes full-time to his horsing racing stable business. Meantime .. I have a friend who has some vials of American Pharao[...]

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The Rubios: 17 traffic tickets

Marco Rubio and his wife are either Florida’s worst drivers or major traffic scofflaws. Between them, they’ve been committed at least 17 moving violations — for careless driving, speeding, and running stop signs and red lights. Read the story here. Photo: Pushing these buttons star[...]

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Kshama Holds Her First “District Meeting,” Wants MOney

While Superstar Sawant claims to be running for re-election in Seattle’s District 3, two years into her term she had yet to hold a meeting in District 3.  So, now that she to campaign … Ms. Sawant has brought some fellow superstars from New York (no obvious relevance to Seattle or D3) a[...]

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The beatings will continue until employee morale improves

From The Atlantic (click here for story): “Without a certain level of commitment on the part of employees, businesses run into some very tangible problems, which soon show up in their profits. This fear has gripped the imaginations of managers and policymakers in recent years, and not without [...]

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FACEBOOK: from Israel

Buford Earl Cain Jr 30 mins · Alarms going off. Rockets coming into Israel from Gaza…. Like · Comment · Share 1 share[...]

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A Vogue Cover


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Follow the money

OK this is cruel and a bad joke, but it is hard to resist. Demagogues need to keep to their acts if they want take money so I am sure this will not happen .. unless …….. Maybe in this media age Sawanti-Palin politics will become something like wrestling!  Would you buy a ticket to a w[...]

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SAWANTISM, the poster

Kshama Sawant is  campaigning for the position of City Council in Seattle’s District 3. She describes herself as a Trotskyite.  After the fall of the Czar, Russia was taken over by bourgeois forces who wanted to create a Democracy.  Leon Trotsky was the heroic general who lead the Bolshevi[...]

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Whom would YOU Choose to Replace a Mural in Seattle’s Historic “Africatown”

This painted out wall once held a fine mural depicting soe of the history of Seattle’s African American Community. Then it was gone. A new mural is being painted nearby by a successful artists, Emily Charlotte Taibleson. I hope and assume she will do a great job, but I am sad that with all the[...]