Sen. Rubio: Christianity in “danger” from gay marriage advocates

“Florida Sen. Marco Rubio took a decidedly conservative turn on same-sex marriage in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network this week, warning that ‘there’s a real and present danger’ that gay marriage proponents will cast the teachings of mainstream Christianity as ‘hate speech.’ Rubio has always been personally opposed to same-sex marriage and has argued the issue should be left up to the states. But his comments to CBN … mark a notable shift in tone for a candidate who told CNN earlier this year that if the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, ‘that would be the law of the land that we would have to follow until it’s somehow reversed.’ His choice to sound the alarm on a possible attack on Christianity aligns him more closely with the evangelicals he’ll be courting in the early primary states of Iowa and South Carolina.” (Quoted from CNN; click here for story.)

Yeah, well, abolitionists were a danger to slavery and the Southern economy. Plus we’re coming up on a presidential election, and it’s not for nothing that election years are called “the silly season” — because that’s when candidates pander to fringe constituencies to round up primary votes. I suppose he threw in the “mainstream” qualifier so he can say he isn’t defending Christian pastors who preach that gays should be killed or claiming that isn’t hate speech.

Marco_Rubio_water_bottlePhoto: Sen. Rubio equates gay rights with being anti-Christian, which sounds to me like a hijacking of Christianity for a partisan political purpose. He does have a point, though; throughout history, an awful lot of hate speech and behavior has cowered behind the skirts of religion.


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