DAVEY JONES: A Life Boat Gets Its Motor Stolen

where we were…
 We stowed survival suits and went to check the life boats, it turns out that the motor from the port boat had been stolen…This was rather strange, as a life boat motor is not something often stolen, first off they’re heavy, in the 1200LBS range, second, they are hand cranked to start, add to that China is not really known for thefts from ships, unlike some Southeast Asian or Caribbean ports.So this set off a bit of comedy, every person told about the stolen engine said pretty much the same things, “what do you mean the port life boat motor has been stolen? Who Stole it? Are you sure it’s really stolen?”But alas as odd as it is, the motor from the port lifeboat had actually been stolen, not the gear box, not the fuel tank, nothing else but the motor, and had been carefully removed, the coupling at the gear box had been undone, and the mounting bolts removed, but left behind.

our berth opened at the terminal so we shifted in, and while the dockers got to work loading cargo, our C/E and port engineer set to work finding us a replacement lifeboat motor, it took a few hours but a motor was found and delivered to the ship.

The motor was used and needed to be rebuilt, but a complete rebuild kit came with it, so this was not a huge problem, and this was my job.

The bigger problem fell to Maria, as the motor procured in China was of course metric, and the motor installed in the life boat back in 1979 in Bath Maine was of course standard (though why we call our system “standard is beyond me, standard is what is standard all over the world).

Maria set to work on the lathe, and between her watches she fabricated a coupling that would connect the metric motor to our standard gear box.

Coast Guard and ABS both signed off on the repair.

Cargo complete, a fire and a boat drill were conducted to the satisfaction of the Coast Guard inspectors, we set sail for Xiamen.

about six hours out of Shanghai Amanda offered up the news that we were almost out of make up feed water…

To be cont…

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