US Government Building A Positronic Brain?

Will The NAS Build Asimov’s Brain?

All current computers you and I use are based on lots of switches that go on and off ..the Xs and Os.

Quantum computers .. using lots of different values .. would be hugely more powerful.  Imagine a chip where every switch can work in three dimensions, each of which might be set to X, O or any other value!  That is probably what our own brains look like.

Hook these things together over the web and the question of “is it intelligent?” ,ay appluy more to people then to HAL.

Researchers in private industry and the governments have been trying to develop quantum  computers. Now the U.S. National Security Agency is  entering the game.  They wnat to build something as powerful as Asimov’s positronic brain, nyt to power friendly servitors controlled by the Three Laws but to break most  encryption programs used to protect other  nations’ spying programs or consumers’ bank accounts.

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