Who will be Hillary’s running mate?

Here’s a fun little parlor game. While everyone else is guessing who Hillary’s opponent will be, think about the bumper sticker “Hillary – ?” and then try to fill in the blank. Possibilities include:

[  ] 1. Elizabeth Warren – probably the first name that comes to every Democrat’s mind, but I don’t think she wants it, and she’ll be far more useful in the Senate.

[  ] 2. Deval Patrick – if you want a black man on the ticket (it worked in 2008 and 2012, so why not?), here’s your man. Plus, he’s photogenic, and governor of Massachusetts.

[  ] 3. Corey Booker – if Patrick is unavailable, here’s another black guy.

[  ] 4. Kirsten Gillebrand – why not an all-woman ticket? And if not Warren, then here’s the next-brightest rising female star of the Democratic party.

[  ] 5. Julian Castro – how about a Hispanic? From a western state, to balance the ticket? He’s been a big-city mayor (San Antonio) and a cabinet secretary (HUD).

[  ] 6. Andrew Cuomo – the governor of New York is automatically a national figure.

[  ] 7. Jerry Brown – because the governor of California is automatically a prospect for either party’s national ticket.

[  ] 8. Bill de Blasio – mayor of New York is almost as good as governor of New York, plus de Blasio is wildly popular.

[  ] 9. Martin O’Malley – because he wants it, but somehow that doesn’t seem enough.

[  ] 10. Bernie Sanders – because he wants it, but his hair is too gray.

[  ] 11. Michael Webb – because he wants it so badly he can taste it, even if it’s only the #2 spot, which should disqualify him.

[  ] 12. Rahm Emanuel – because he’s a thug, and that’s what you need to deal with Putin and Republicans.

Here’s my favorite, though (sorry about the date; when you’re pilfering images off the internet, you take whatever you find):













Ha ha, just kidding! But hey, it’s an all-female ticket, and a real whoopee of one … and, when you think about it, stealing the yahoo vote from the Republicans right under their nose might be a stroke of political genius. After all, the vice president doesn’t really do anything, so you can put a complete idiot in that job and it won’t hurt anything. Just don’t die.




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  1. theaveeditor #

    Neither Booker nor Patrick .. neither is ethnically Black/ Booker is a first term guy who seems made for Senate. Duval has the qual to be a Supreme Court Justice.

    Gilebrand .. too Hillary clone.
    se Blaso .. too inexperienced and too left
    Warren is and wants to be a Senator
    Sanders ..Jewish and radical

    Emmanuel Jewish and too outspoken

    Brown too old

    Webb possible. he is very bright and adds south and military

    O’Malley ..Catholic, lib possible

    Castro .. last name may be an issue.

    Unknowns, lesser knowns .. preferably young (Eric Garcetti, Sherrod Brown?), Western (who is there?) Hispanic is OK .. Chicano .. Antonio Villaraigosa .. HOW IN HELL wil anyone spell it?

    Possibles .. Cstro,