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How Ted Cruz could win …

                      (Click on image to enlarge.)  [...]

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This police shooting was murder. This time authorities admit it was.

North Charleston, South Carolina. White cop. Black driver. Traffic stop. Another dead black man. Shot in the back while running from the cop, who claims he fired in self-defense and believed his life was in danger. The cop, Michael Slager, claimed the victim, Walter Scott, grabbed his Taser. Slager [...]

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Now that Rand Paul is a declared candidate, how’s he doing in polls?

Not so good. He’s polling about half as well in Iowa and New Hampshire as his dad did in 2012. And while Ron’s numbers were climbing at this point of the campaign, Rand’s are declining. On its very first day, Rand Paul’s first presidential bid already looks like an ICU patien[...]

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Rioting in Kentucky! But no one is shot by the police.

“For the second year in a row, Kentucky has been bounced from the NCAA tournament.  And, for the second year in a row, riots broke out on and off campus in Lexington. As fires blazed in the middle of the street, citizens burned lawn chairs, shirts and other items in protest of their loss. &#[...]

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GOP propagandist earns rebuke for comparing Iran nuclear deal to 1938 Munich surrender

It’s ridiculous what Republican shriekers get away with, and this time Chris Mathews and David Axelrod have had enough. By the way, if you don’t know who this guy (Ron Christie) is — he’s a former Cheney staffer.[...]

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Lowering Tuition at the UW

The WASTATE Republicans have passed a bill magically lowering UW fruition without offering a source of funding to pay for the decrease.  The Dems have offered a more rational proposal and proposed a new capital gains tax to cover the cost. The Republican gambit seems to be “what comes after &[...]

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Salaita Wants War

SHOULD A WAR HAWK BE A PROFESSOR? Last night I went to hear Steven Salaita’s talk.  He was invited to speak after Phyllis Wise, the former UW Provost and now Chancellor of the University of Illinois, overturned an offer by her school to hire Salaita for his expertise in the sociology of the conq[...]