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Do not compare the US with Rome, Please

As US power wanes, the radical right is blaming Obama.  I do not blame anyone.  I think the flag wavers for American power are living in a fantasy land where Washington DC is the most recent capital of the Roman Empire … a claim made before by Rome, Constantinople,  Moscow, Vienna, and Lo[...]

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Animal shelters kill pets to force poor owners to pay abusive fines

Millions of Americans have spent these recent years living under financial stress thanks to criminal bankers; now, some are being victimized again by another group of predators: Heartless animal shelters that hold pets’ lives hostage to collect extortionate fines the owners can’t pay. &#[...]

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Celebrate the REAL TEA PARTY, Next Weekend in Seattle

Free program sharing the cultural & food traditions of Chief Seattle’s Duwamish Tribe. Serving Native & English tea, scones & finger sandwiches with a NW Native twist. Your hostess is Princess Angeline’s great-great-grand-niece, Cecile Hansen, the Duwamish Tribal Chairwoman. Tast[...]

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Conservatives Go Bull Shit Over Seattle’s Minimum Wage

Here is a  response and fact check to the story that Ray Tennison posted and other conservatives bought hook line and sinker. Turns out like so much of their crap on minimum wage to not be true. Minimum Wage Increase Killing Seattle Restaurants? Anatomy Of A Lie From Inside The Bubble It all began [...]

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FREE: Public Discussion of Minimum Wages

Minimum Wage History Saturday, April 11, 1:00 pm Speakers: * KSHAMA SAWANT, Seattle City Council * JAMES GREGORY, Professor of History, University of Washington * SARAH CHERIN, Political Director, UFCW 21 * HEATHER WEINER, YES! for Sea-Tac Campaign Kane Hall, Walker-Ames Room (225), UW Seattle. Free[...]

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Bani Sadr: An Iranian President Sees The Lausanne Agreement as a Major Blow to Iran’s Theocratic Rulers.

For the US, the news is very good.  For Israel, not so much. The Global Post has a very important interview with Abolhassan Bani-Sadr:, the first President of the Iranian Republic.  Bani-Sadr was forced to into exile because his views on the US were too moderate for the radicals who had fermented [...]

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Passover is a JEWISH holiday

Why Christians Should Not Host Their Own Passover Seders By Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy  read more at Religion Dispatches A Christian woman explains how insulting it is to Jews when Christians take the seder as theirs. To those of you who are Christians, most synagogues have list of families willing to [...]