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Passover: When eating bread on Passover was a holy obligation

Passover in Bergen Belsen 1944 : Prayer for Eating Chametz.   Before eating Chametz say the following with intent & devotion: Our Father in Heaven! It is known to You that we desire to fulfill Your will and observe the Passover holiday by eating Matzah and safeguarding against Chametz. Bu[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Where is this statue placed? How much is it worth? Is it Art?

A. East Berlin B. Tehran C. South Carolina D. Warsaw Ghetto E. The Vatican[...]

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As Passover Nears its end, The Hyksos in Israel

The story of the Exodus is currently unpopular amongst scholars because, supposedly, of the lack of evidence of the event in Egyptian writings.  In my opinion the scholars are sharing the antisemitism of writings of Manetho, alter time Egyptian priest who demeaned the Semitic rulers of Egypt, the H[...]

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Passover Memories

Pesach (Passover) is my favorite holiday. I enjoy reading about the journey from slavery to freedom and the journey of spiritual growth. I connect with Passover, because I’ve gone through my own journey. My mother is a convert to Judaism and my dad was born Jewish. We were traditional, observed al[...]

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PASSOVER: Making Chicken Soup


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Passover: Walking through the desert for Jewish freedom


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Passover, Breakdance


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Can it be that the heroes of the last 3500 years of Judaism are just chopped liver? We attended the Secular Jewish Circle Seder a week ago Saturday night and want to express our appreciation for being able to come.The best parts were the camaraderie, the play put on by the children… The kids, esp [...]

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A JEWISH View of the Arab Israeli Conflict!


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Passover is a JEWISH holiday

Why Christians Should Not Host Their Own Passover Seders By Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy  read more at Religion Dispatches A Christian woman explains how insulting it is to Jews when Christians take the seder as theirs. To those of you who are Christians, most synagogues have list of families willing to [...]