Indiana Governor: The law stays

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says Indiana’s “religious freedom” law isn’t about discriminating against gays, calling that “misinformation,” but when George Stephanopolous asked him 6 “yes or no” questions about whether it legalizes discrimination against gays, Pence refused to answer 6 times. ¬†Then he said, “We are not going to change this law.”

Pence says the law is about “protecting citizens from government overreach.” In other words, he doesn’t believe persecuted groups or individuals should expect the law to protect them. Carried to its logical conclusion, this philosophy also would eliminate the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, and all other laws against discrimination.

Mike-Pence-articleInlineIndiana Republicans are displaying their party’s true colors. Expect Democratic speeches to make hay of Republican bigotry at next year’s Democratic National Convention.

Photo: Indiana Chief Bigot Mike Pence



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