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Creative policing at its best

“Everyday millions of people buy and sell items on the internet. Thousands of these transactions are between private citizens and in many cases can be dangerous,” CBS News reports. “Since 2009, 45 people have been killed in Craigslist related robberies.” The obvious solution [...]

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Republicans predicted economic calamity if Obama won. President Obama responds.

“One Republican in Congress warned our policies would diminish employment and diminish stock prices. Diminish stock prices. (Laughter.) The stock market has doubled since I came into office. Corporate profits are — corporate balance sheets are stronger than they have ever been — be[...]

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Press and public wait for more news about black man found hanging from tree in Mississippi

Local police and the FBI are investigating the death of a black man found hanging from a tree behind his home in Jackson, Mississippi, who had gone missing earlier this month. Authorities are trying to determine whether he committed suicide or was killed. The rest of us can only wait and watch, but [...]

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A Different View of South Carolina

Erin Winslow (IN RESPONSE TO A POST ON TA) We (I am from SC even though I live in Sweden) also have a heritage of Freedom Fighters who are/were just as much South Carolinians as the confederates. Modjeska Monteith Simpkins was one such person. (this article hardly does her justice: https://en.wikipe[...]

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Why do good people choose to live in South Carolina?


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Capitol Hill

Renters Rise Up Saw this on capitol hill today. $1750 for a 1-bedroom![...]

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Bibi visits the wall


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Why The Story My Dad Told Of Buchenwald Is Important

BACKGROUND: My brother in law, William Quick, has gone to great lengths to obstruct the release of my father’s story of Buchenwald to the public domain.  Although Bill has no relevant property rights to the collection of writings and inscribed photographs from the camp, he has gone so far as [...]