Portland cops arrest homeless pair for “stealing” a penny of electricity

Torture Protest 8.20.09_AND_copwatchingLitterHorse 8/20/2009 11:35 AMPortland, Oregon, cops arrested two homeless people for “theft of services” because they plugged their cell phones into a planter box outlet.  According to electrical industry researchers, recharging a cellphone costs 25 cents a year, which means a single recharge uses less than a penny’s worth of electricity. What did this cost taxpayers?  It took 4 cops to make this arrest, plus court time and the cost of a public defender.  Doesn’t sound like a good deal for taxpayers. Just psycho cops getting their jollies by gratuitously harassing the city’s poor people. This isn’t unique to Portland, it happens everywhere. Some Florida cities make it a crime for citizens to give food to homeless people. It must be something in our culture.

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