No honest person can dimiss the reality of racism against African Americans or Native Americans even though Africans and Caribeans are doing rather well in the US.   Nor can any one who watches Fox fail to see the less than subtle racism of the Republicans.


Liberals can be as racist as the right.  Last month politically correct media and pols dumped on Republican Senator Jim Honeyford from Yakima for saying that minorities were more likely to commit crimes.   He used such inappropriate  terms as “colored” instead of “people of color:” “I said the poor are more likely to commit crimes, and colored most likely to be poor, I didn’t say anything else on that. And I believe that’s an accepted fact, and if you check any of your sociology books or anything else you’ll find that’s an accepted fact of our society.” .Later he clarified,  “I originally said ‘people of color’ in my first statement, the second time I left out ‘people of’ and just said ‘colored’ and that was my mistake ….But they were talking about people of color and that’s not just the negro or the hispanic- it’s the whole group of minorities.”

I side with the GOP guy on this one. Poor people are arrested for and I suspect do commit more crimes (at least crimes you get arrested for).
I also side with him in regard to the term “people of color.”  This is a racist term that is used by liberals to increase the numbers of people that supposedly need help.  I find it bizarre to lump Brahmins, Palestinians, Arabs and Cubans and Iranians as POC while somehow deciding that Jews, Italians, Turks, Kurds, and Portuguese are “white.”    Here is a good example of where this leads.

The senator wanted to make it clear that he did not say people of *color commit more crimes. But he just can’t seem to get the terminology right. The President of the Yakima chapter of the NAACP calls the remarks “inappropriate.”  “You would think here we are in 2015, the first of March, that we would be beyond that, but it seems like we still have these overtones even of the South that are here in the North and Northwest that are filtering through,” Reverend Willie Pride said. Overtones that the senator just can’t seem to distance himself from. To see the full senate committee hearing, please click here.

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Of course poor people are arrested more. They’re a revenue source, and predatory municipalities can’t get the revenue from them unless they’re ticketed or arrested. That’s why it’s illegal for minority people to stand or walk on a public sidewalk in many cities. Basically, it’s illegal for them to exist, that’s a finable offense. My issue with Sen. Honeyford is not his semantics, but his inability to see and comprehend that a white-run system exploits non-whites.

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