“We didn’t vaccinate our kids and they’re fine … “

Barry-Loudermilk-1… because he and his wife are home schooling them, so they’re not exposed to germs, says freshman GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk, newest member of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

  1. Good Lord!

  2. What a clown

  3. Georgia politics are … something else

  4. Sounds like a great discussion all around.

  5. Yes and on this: “most of our children, we didn’t immunize. They’re healthy.” Hey dipshit that’s because everybody else did.

  6. The man is a fool. No way around it.

  7. Actually its because he home schooled & they were not required, & were less exposed. The part u omitted.

  8. You missed the point. Herd immunity is vital. Leaders shouldn’t imply it’s ok not to vaccinate – and he did

  9. what is the R-naught of measles? I’ll wait. Homeschooling not confer immunity.

  10. It’s OK not to pump unwanted bio-agents into your kids. Herd Immunity is vital. Not really

  11. Off is the direction in which you should fuck.

  12. nice head of hair, Loser. Too bad you missed that baldness vaccine

  13. There should be a wonderlic type test for politicians. Can you work harder to get rid of these clowns?

  14. Sadly typical anti-intellectual, anti-science GOP. What do you expect when you promote creationism and climate-change denial?

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