Growing refinery strike threatens gas shortages and higher prices

The United Steelworkers expanded a refinery strike this weekend after rejecting oil companies’ seventh contract offer Thursday, and the widening strike could begin limiting gasoline supplies and driving up pump prices soon. Workers struck more refineries, including the nation’s largest, Friday and Saturday. So far, the strike affects one-fifth of U.S. refining capacity, but USW represents workers producing two-thirds of the nation’s refined products. For now, companies are keeping production close to “normal” with technology improvements and temporary workers, and only one refinery is completely shut down, but there are signs of pressure on gas prices in some areas of Texas and California, where1e99d42-727a-499e-b0c7-18091ca426aee the strike began Feb. 1 over wages, safety issues, staffing levels, and replacing union members with contractors for routine maintenance work. (Sources: CBS News and Reuters)

Photo: Unionized refinery workers are fighting for wages and working conditions the old-fashioned way: By withholding their labor until employers bargain on their demands.


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