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Pasco coroner plans inquest; says ‘We don’t want a Ferguson here’

Well, they’ve got one. And it isn’t the first time; Pasco cops are in the habit of mistreating people of Mexican descent. The Seattle Times reported today that Governor Inslee has gotten involved in Tuesday’s police killing of a 35-year-old Mexican immigrant by Pasco police, and th[...]

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Bigoty Between Two Black Countries on The Island Columbus Found

When the Haitian revolution ran whites to the other side of the Island it created to distinct societies side by side. One was ostracized, because the won their freedom (Haiti) and the other was always considered a preferred (take that with a grain of salt) European trading partner (Dominican Republi[...]

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Oregon governor resigns under fire

Oregon’s Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat, bowing to pressure from legislative leaders including those of his own party, resigned today over influence-peddling allegations against his fiancee. He will be succeeded by Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown, also a Democrat. (Oregon doesn’t h[...]

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Reuven Carlyle: A Thought Filled Analysis of Education in WASTATE

Rethinking Public School Funding: Back To A New Future. The Washington State Constitution crafted in 1889 includes these mighty words in Article IV, section 1:  “It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders, without [...]

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Celebrate Seattle’s Origins with the Duwamish People

Salmon and Berries Doors open 12pm. Cultural Program 1-3pm. Shared Meal 3-4pm. All invited. RSVP at Two of today’s recognized super foods– salmon & berries–were basic Duwamish dietary staples.Before metal pots were introduced, the Duwa[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who is Seattle Center Named For?

 It is now four years since there was a proposal to honor our origins as a city by building a longhouse at Seattle Center, nothing has happened! Meanwhile, the statue of the Chief  sits in Downtown Seattle, under the monorail.  Four roads intersect around the micro plot of land beneath the statu[...]

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The killer mentality afflicting America’s police and our leaders’ failure to do anything about it

While police shootings (I’ll get to them in a minute) dominate news coverage and gather the most attention, there are several big issues with how America’s police are doing their jobs. A. A cavalier attitude toward human life; B. Racism and profiling (does anyone believe police don’[...]

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Pasco cops killed a Hispanic man this week for throwing rocks

This disturbing video shows Pasco, Washington, police fatally shooting a rock-throwing man earlier this week. What’s a human life worth to trigger-happy cops? Damned little, especially if he’s a migrant worker from Mexico with a history of drug use and previous run-ins with the police. I[...]

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Video of stupid, racist white guy being a jackass

So a black guy is sitting in a car with his nephew talking about a car they’re considering buying. The white guy assumes they’re dealing drugs (you know, because they’re black), and comes out of his house with a gun, calling police on his cellphone. The black guy tells him off, and[...]

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I wonder if this man thinks he is Samson.

The Blind Man Leading Israel The Rats Are Fleeing The Sinking Ship As Israel Says Boehner Lied About Netanyahu Speech[...]