THE Ave Challenge: Who is Seattle Center Named For?

 It is now four years since there was a proposal to honor our origins as a city by building a longhouse at Seattle Center, nothing has happened!

Chief SeattleMeanwhile, the statue of the Chief  sits in Downtown Seattle, under the monorail.  Four roads intersect around the micro plot of land beneath the statue.  Cars and trucks spew fumes and only a daring pedestrian would try to cross the street to look closely at the statue.  Birds roost on the statue and drop bird poop.  Sometimes the city cleans the poop. Cecile A. Hansen,  Chair of the  Duwamish Tribe, has suggested the statue at least be kept clean.

That’ is not enough.  Seattle’ statue ought to be moved to a place of honor … either as a central part of the new waterfront or, my preference, atop a hill on the grounds of Seattle Center.  I would add a second statue ot another hill, honoring the one native who led a brief fight against the settles, Chief Leschi.  We all owe our heritage to Seattle and Leschi .. a history we all share from the first NW people.  Their story ought to be part of how every child from this amazing place grows up.

There is so much that could be done.

First, we should move this now forlorn statue of Chief Seattle to a hillock in Seattle Center.   Raising funds to also honor the brave and much wronged Chief Leschi would be great as well!

Second, the UW ought to get involved.  I am disappointed that  the UW decided to rebuild its Burke Museum on campus rather than at Seattle Center.  That does not mean we can not involve the Burke.  The Burke a great collection that is rarely seen except by visitors to the campus.  Putting that art at Seattle Center would be a great step forward.

Third, the  Seattle Center already hosts wonderful weekend ethnic festivals and Day Break Star does the same for an annual potlach.  Perhaps, we could have annual day .. replacing Columbus Day, where celebrate Leschi and Seattle on the grounds of “Seattle” Center?

June 7, 1866, anniversary of Chief Seattle’s Death

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