SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Being an atheist in Palestine

Walid Husayin Waleed Al-Husseini is a Palestinian blogger. In October 2010, the Palestinian Authority arrested him for allegedly blaspheming against Islam on Facebook and in blog posts. His arrest has garnered international attention. Wikipedia

Waleed Al Husseini spent 10 months in Palestinian prison for being an atheist blogger.

… I used to run a blog in Arabic called “Nour Alakl” and ran a satirical Facebook page under the pseudonym “Allah.” But in October 2010, Palestinian security forces stormed into an Internet cafe and arrested me. Until then, I had been under the impression that I had a right to freedom of speech and to the freedom of belief. But in jail, I was told that my online statements about religion and Islam were illegal. I was told that society didn’t accept such criticisms.

I was beaten by prison guards who demanded to know who had made me write against Islam. In their minds, I could only say these things as the result of some plot, some conspiracy. The idea that I might simply want to express my independent thoughts was alien to them.

The 10 months I spent in Palestinian prison were the worse of my life. I faced constant pressure to retract my statements. I was told they had removed my blog and that I must apologize for publishing it. Even once I was freed, I was told I should never again use the Internet, nor meet with the media.

….  Mr. Al Husseini  is now in Paris and trying to get asylum. READMORE at the Daily Beast.

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    Howdy, I do not mind you being Atheist or any
    other religious beliefs ,.One great thing about
    America we have the right to be what ever we want . What i get mad about is when people
    Like most Atheist try too shove their beliefs
    down our throats ,. If we do not follow them then we are sued or attacked ,.