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Charlie on Chuck

CHARLIE COMMENTS:  NBC is owned by a huge corporation and they are not liberal so you can assume Chuck is doing exactly what he has to to keep his job. Chuck Todd Defends Not Challenging Republican Lies On Meet The Press Chuck Todd explained that the mainstream media has sold out facts for access. [...]

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Where Charlie The Tuna Lives

Funny thing .. people who comment here seem to think they are anonymous. There are ways to do  that but Charlie the Tuna seemed to be a bit less than honest when he claimed not to come from South Carolina.  His comment is especially funny because  “Charlie the Tuna” appeared recentl[...]

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              The Brunton Reactor unit with Hydrogen core screwed into position (bottom left)               And the rechargeable Core – each is equivalent to around 15AA batteries and costs £4 to recharge. While it sounds like something Batman would be called upon to[...]

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Pope Francis redirects employee bonuses to charity Alessandro Speciale | Apr 18, 2013 VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis apparently meant what he said when he spoke of a “poor church, for the poor”: Vatican employees won’t get the $1,300 bonus many were expecting with the election of a new pope.[...]

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Matthew 8:30-32 Not far from there a large herd of pigs was feeding. So the demons begged Jesus, “If you force us out, please send us into those pigs!” Jesus told them to go, and they went out of the men and into the pigs. All at once the pigs rushed down the steep bank […][...]

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The Ave Challenge: This is a scene from …

A. A scientist’s view of the effects of global warming on Africa B. A scene from Avatar II, “Beneath” C. A scientists’ view of the shark,  Carcharocles megalodon, from the Miocene epoch (23.03 to 5.332 million years ago) D. The death of a buck toothed mastodon that fell int[...]

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Why the Seahawks Are Going to the Superbowl Again!

FOOL: If you need more convincing, click the image.[...]

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Russel Wilson New Spokester for Microsoft


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SEAHAWKS .. on the way to the Superbowl!


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Turkey’s President Says Birth Control Is A Form Of Treason ASSOCIATED[...]