SOUTH CAROLINA: Racism is our proud heritage!

SC Governor On Confederate Flag: CEOs Don’t Care

Other notable “we elected the first African American Senator” … Really? someone needs to tell Ed Brooke.  I am proud to have campaigned for Senator Brooke, an African American and a Republican, when he was elected in 1966.  Mr Brooke, now 94, served as a United States Senator for two terms, from January 3, 1967, to January 3, 1979. The black vote had “no measurable bearing” on the election as less than 3% of the Massachusetts  population was black.  That was a very different Republican Party.

Halley’s bigotry is a horrible example of the issues of the term “people of color.”  Despite Nikki Haley’s career as the first Indian American female governor, her bigotry reminds me of the Jews and Blacks who owned slaves under the banner of the Confederacy.

She herself appointed a white man, another Tea Part Republican, as President of a state university in Charleston … despite the man’s pride in the Confederacy extending to dressing up as a Confederate general accompanied by two black slaves.

This is not just a matter of whether corporations will come to a Confederate state.  American corporations supported Hitler and later mass exported US jobs.  These same corporations try to avoid paying their taxes by what President Obama has called the unpatriotic act of moving their headquarters to low tax enclaves.

Nor is this a matter of a romantic pride in the ante-bellum South.  How can Ms. Haley sleep well wondering how a young black man feels having to see the stars and bars?  Would she also fly the swastika to make South Carolina’s Nazi’s feel proud?

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