Black Man Gets Mugged By NYC Cops

It would almost be funny, akin to a man-bites-dog story, if it weren’t so pathetic and distasteful.

Lamard Jones, who is black, was celebrating his 35th birthday at Coney Island with friends last month when white cops allegedly stopped the group and frisked one of his friends under New York City’s controversial “stop and frisk” policy.

When Jones objected, a cop maced him, shoved him against a fence, patted him down, then reached into his pocket and took his money.  When Jones’ sister objected the cops maced her, too.

A lawyer for Jones says his client was robbed of $1,300 that he earned from construction work, which he planned to spend on a night out with his friends, and the police department won’t tell him what happened to it.  His lawyer suspects the cop pocketed it thinking the money was obtained illegally and Jones wouldn’t say anything about it.

Unfortunately for the cops, the incident was captured on cellphone video, and the Brooklyn District Attorney has initiated a criminal investigation of their conduct.  Meanwhile, the police union has urged the public not to “rush to judgment.”  A union leader said, “A 35-second-long video does not provide enough information about a police encounter to come to any conclusion about what transpired.”  Yeah right.

Watch the video and see for yourself what “transpired.”  It sure looks like a citizen being mugged by police to me.  Complete with racial profiling, white cops assuming all blacks are criminals, and cops shaking down citizens for financial gain — all of which seem to have become unfortunate hallmarks of  American big-city policing as we’re seeing in Ferguson, Philadelphia, and other places. Roger Rabbit icon

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