Rules for not getting shot by police if you’re black (courtesy of Daily Kos)

1. Do exactly what the police tell you to do but don’t do it too fast or too slow.

2. Whatever you’re carrying is a weapon.

3. If you do not have anything in your hand then you must also realize that your hand is also a lethal weapon.

4. If you are asked to get out of the car, automatically put your hands behind your head.

5. Questions you need to be prepared to answer.  Do you know why you were pulled over?  Is this your car?  Do you have any warrants for your arrest?  Have you ever been arrested?  Have you been drinking?  Where are you going?

6. The correct volume to speak and accent to have when answering questions asked by the police.  Not too loud.  Not too softly.  No southern, Caribbean,English, European, or other accent.

7. Good answer vs bad answer.  “The key to a good answer is that it must never sound like a question,” because that will sound like you’re questioning the officer’s authority, which means you’re trying to hide something.  “Direct answers that bend to the will of the officer [are] good. Anything else … can … end up with you being on the wrong end of justifiable force.”  And, of course, don’t take offense at being treated like a terrorist or thug.

My comment:  Of course, the best way to get along with a paranoid, bigoted, and ignorant cop is don’t be black in the first place.  That won’t ensure a happy outcome, but it’ll increase your survival oddsRoger Rabbit icon.


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