The Politics of Circumcision

According to the WHO, male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquiring HIV in men by about 60 percent.    Fortunately circumcision is a common ritual in Africa, although traditional methods cause a loot of botched procedures n young male children.   So a circumcision device made by  Israeli’s  PrePex is used in many African countries to reduce the number of young males who die in botched initiation ceremonies,

The Israeli-made Prepex is being used in several African nations to reduce HIV rates (photo credit: YouTube screenshot) Sadly, the origin of the device is , provoking an outcry from unions in South Africa. The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), a key ally of the ruling African National Congress, is opposed to the government doing Israel, a country the unions consider a pariah because of solidarity with the Palestinians.

“ Sizwe Pamla, a spokesman for a public sector union said: “We  need to boycott everything that comes from that pariah state.”  Pamla said  nurses affiliated to COSATU will refuse to perform circumcisions using the PREPEX device.




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