Israel/Palestine: UPDATE An Eye for an Eye

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 Jerusalem – Israel Launches Major Military Offensive Against Gaza Militants Today 08:41 PM Jerusalem – Israel launched an aerial offensive in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, calling it part of a campaign named “Operation Protective Edge” targeting Hamas Islamist militants firing rockets at the Jewish state. The military urged Israelis within a 40-km (24-mile) radius of the southern coastal…        

Judea And Samaria – Settlement Rabbi Calls For Death Penalty For Abu Khdeir’s Murderers

Now that the Jewish terrorists who murdered Abu Khedier have confessed,  Israel is reacting with great shame.  One of the leaders of the settlements in Judea and Samaria, Rabbi Elyakim Levanon, has called for the imposition of the death penalty.. Read More »

Meanwhile Hamas vows revenge on Israel

While I oppose the death penalty, it is hard not to hope that leaders of the Muslim community will make the same call for justice when the murderers of the three Israeli students are captured.


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