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Crazy Jews


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News from Korea (Democratic Peoples Republic)

North Korea: Kim Jong-un warns of grave situation, threatens nuclear test                            Will  execute 200 officials loyal to Kim Jong-un’s slain uncle Washington, Apr 4 : The North Korean regime is reportedly set to execute 200 high-ranking government of[...]

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How much money does Apple save with its various tax avoidance methods? It’s difficult to say precisely. Any company—just like any household—normally does what it can within the bounds of the law to reduce its tax burden, but if you roll over the graphic below you’ll see that viewed b[...]

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Italy to Pope: Pay your taxes!

The EU, dealing with Italian insolvency, may condemn the fiscal perks the  Berlusconi administration gave to  the Catholic Church.  Prime Minister Mario Monti has written to the Competition Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, saying that the Vatican will resume property tax, or Ici, payments.European [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: A Trillion Dollars Taken from American Economy

US companies’ overseas cash hits $947bn Funds held outside US to avoid domestic tax bills[...]

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Buchenwald 31: A Tale of the destruction of three heritages.

70 years after the last Pesach under the Nazis: ∞ Umschlagplatz ,Warsaw, Poland –  The city is tearing down a deteriorating wall around a square where Warsaw’s Jews were lined up for deportation to Treblinka. ∞ Charleston, North Carolina   A Jewish family wants to tear down a firepl[...]

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SOUTH CAROLINA: People DO want to live there. Why?

A Challenge.  Why do people choose to live in South Carolina? The first three answers will receive a genuine THE-Ave.US beer mug! Over the last several weeks THE Ave has been asking why does anyone want to live in South Carolina?  The question has focused around the overwhelming collection of stat[...]