Buchenwald 31: A Tale of the destruction of three heritages.

70 years after the last Pesach under the Nazis:

Umschlagplatz ,Warsaw, Poland –  The city is tearing down a deteriorating wall around a square where Warsaw’s Buchenwald 31 graphicJews were lined up for deportation to Treblinka.

Charleston, North Carolina   A Jewish family wants to tear down a fireplace built by Nazi prisoners during WWII so the family’s land can be developed.  Local folks, including other southern  Jews, want the thing preserved as a memorial to how well German prisoners were treated in Charleston.


Boston Massachusetts The pictures my father took just before Pesach 1945  are now rotting in a safe in Boston, rotting,  locked there by my brother Hugh Schwartz out of a bizarre sense of malice, driven by fantasies about his own life and mine as his elder brother.




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