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What Will Fund Raisers Exploit Next!

So, full disclosure, I graduated from “The College” in 1963.  I am very proud of Harvard, and grateful for the education my parents paid for.

BUT .. my dorm???? “Winthrop House?”  Who are they kidding?  When I went to Harvard, Winthrop was pretty much the pits. It certainly was not among the houses I would have chosen  … Lowell with its majestic carillon, Quincy with its new building and kitchens, Adams with its winding stair cases and stories of legendary students, or Elliot where some of my favorite faculty lived as tutors.

Winthrop then was mainly known as a jock house …. a house favored by Harvard’s student athletes. a tradition not really comparable to Lowell, Elliot, and Adams’ traditions as homes to budding  poets and journalists or Quincy’s claim on wannabe politicians and scientists.

Now to be fair, I did participate in Winthrop and even have a beer mug to memorialize that time.  I worked as a “manager” for the crew and enjoyed parties with local young ladies that put any Hollywood version to shame.  Oh and I did also get help from two tutors, one in math and one in philosophy.




Harvard Alumni Association

Dear Stephen,

On Thursday morning, amid war paint, drumming, vuvuzelas, and mascots, the Houses became homes for the Class of 2017. Across campus, upperclassmen donned eccentric regalia and dorm-stormed the new freshmen residents in a spirited and colorful welcome boasting House pride. Of course, Winthrop House stood out from the rest. Enjoy the celebration of Housing Day 2014, and reconnect with the culture of your House.

Housing Day

                                                Join @HarvardAlumni on Twitter to celebrate the community spirit of #HousingDay2014. Share #gradvice by offering words of congratulation and advice to the newest residents of Winthrop House.

                                                Thank you for sharing your House pride with our students!


                                                Harvard Alumni Association

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