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Stop Legal Thuggery: Dish It Back!

Nobody has a patent on the technique of harassing their adversaries with silly and outrageous demand letters, so this is a game anyone can play.  My office has prepared a form letter that potentially can be used for many situations.  Readers of this blog are welcome to use it, but please send the [...]

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China’s Crimea

Why has China not opposed Putin’s Imperialism? The commander of the US Pacific Fleet has hit out at China’s “revanchist tendencies” and warned that Asia-Pacific nations must forsake “unilateral actions and inflammatory rhetoric” or risk stumbling into a Crimea-like crisis that would [...]

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Soak The Rich!

The world’s 85 richest people have as much wealth as half the world’s population (3.5 billion people), according to CNBC. Roger Rabbit Commentary:  The rich haven’t made many friends by dodging taxes and buying political favors, including exclusive access to valuable resources controlled by n[...]

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The Financial Times reports on President Cristina Fernández’ conversion to fandom of the Pope. Before becoming Pope Francis, then archbishop  Jorge Bergoglio  had a frosty relationship with Ms Fernández.  The archbishop was an outspoken critic of the government. Jorge’s new role has[...]

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Washington the 6th best state in which to be a taxpayer.

Yet Another Reminder: Washington Is a Low-Tax State! by Goldy, HORSESASS Personal finance social network WalletHub ranks Washington the 6th best state in which to be a taxpayer. Apropos to yesterday’s post on the proper context in which to put proposed local tax hikes, I’d just like to mention f[...]

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Legal Thuggery” Threatograms

Legal Thuggery, or Law as Transaction Cost Posted on January 17th, 2011 by Derek Bambauer (Via JZ) BoingBoing has a neat, infuriating post about a ridiculous takedown threat they received over a post about autism. The threat-0-gram is from The Academic Advantage, by way of their personal injury lega[...]

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PRESIDENT ROMNEY Announces the “Ronnie” … a replacement for the Paper Buck

At his news conference today, Pres. Romney announced the immediate switch from paper currency, the venerable greenback, to a new currency based on what he called “a hard dollar.” The currency,  will be represented by a new coin…  “The Ronnie .”  To assure that these new[...]