Public Child Pornography, South Carolina Style vs Northwest Style



Are there many beauty pageants, for toddlers, in Washington State?

from a Yahoo Post by  Drama Mama, 4 years ago

We moved from Texas and are use to doing pageants. Are there any toddler pageants in Washington State? Also, what about out of state pageants? Anyone live in Washington and are in the pageant system? Thanks

Just google it – Thanks. And what I think is funny is that people like that think that ALL pageants are like what they see on TV. If they would get their fat butts up off the couch, maybe they would know a thing or two about the real world. 🙂 And for the record, MY daughter does not need makeup, or fake ANYTHING to win. She wins everytime she smiles at the judges….yeah! She is that good. 🙂

Well Seattle seems to have tried sexploitation on its own back in the 90s: Little Miss of America is coming to captueMukilteo!  That may not have worked out so well, but now we have something called Angel Beauty Pageants.   Linda Thomas wrote a good post on these pageants in the Northwest the picture to the right shows one little girl .. apparently her lack of make up makes this a “natural contest.”

I wonder what my brother in law, William Quick would have to say .. is WA state better than his home in SC?


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  1. William Quick #

    It might seem that you have an unhealthy obsession with child pornography.

  2. Charlie Tuna #

    Dr. Quick,

    I don’t know, but given the many different subjects covered on this website, you seem to be the person obsessed with little girls.