Union Vote Fails in Tennessee

Right Wing Tactics Block Union in Tennessee

The UAW and Volkswagon worked together @@!to offer workers in Tennessee a plan very similar to the plans that work well In Germany. 

Despite support from management the vote failed after Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee claimed that that he was told that VW would build a new midsized SUV in Chattanooga if workers rejected the union. That was later denied by VW . Other politicians threatened to cut off state incentives for the plant to expand if the union was approved.

Meanwhile, the German economy continues to provide universal health care, free education, and union representation at the management table.

Why did the workers in Tennessee vote the wrong way? Whys did Boeing build a plant in South Carolina?  Click the image to the right to get an idea of the power of the right wing in our own state.


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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Yep, those $14.50/hr. nonunion auto workers would turn into real tyrants if you let them bargain for pay and benefits. Under a UAW contract, VW might have to pay some of them as much as $28/hr. — the horror!

    P.S., anybody know how much investment bankers get paid? And what do they make, besides poverty for everyone else?

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